Using Mailer Sites For Traffic

Mailer sites are a great way to get subscribers quite quickly. I tend to use them at the beginning of a new ad campaign, but I now prefer the automated system that traffic exchanges provide for long term list building.

Using both together will get you a much wider range of referrals.

The main thing you need to know about mailers is, as the name suggests, you will be sending emails. You should understand this is not the same as sending emails to your own list. These emails will be going to people who likely don’t know who you are – this is called COLD TRAFFIC. This means sending a completely different kind of email……

I will be providing multiple emails that you can send on mailers, BUT I recommend you edit these to make them different to everyone elses emails.

Emails that you send on traffic mailers should be SHORT, CLEAR and include a CALL TO ACTION (such as click here for info). Most of the emails sent via mailers are NEVER ACTUALLY READ so don’t waste time writing long emails for them. You should also change your email frequently. I rarely send the same email twice….

I will keep adding new emails to this blog as and when I send some out myself.

Mailer Emails

Subject: 100 Paid Referrals System


We all know that getting paid referrals is the key to success online. It is not always easy to achieve that, but pretty much every marketer is trying to.

If you would like to try out a system that gained over 300 PAID referrals in January 2024 then just click the link below. I will happily provide proof that it works, and all the guidance you will ever need to succeed.

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Best Wishes

(Your Name)

Recommended Mailer Sites

These are my favourite mailer sites that I always use for every campaign:

(These are my personal links, you might like to ask your sponsor for their links)

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Viral Url

Infinity Traffic Boost

Prime Solo Ads



Actual Hits 4U

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