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Listbuilding Lesson 3

Welcome to the third Part of the Building Big Email
Lists eCourse!

Now we are going to be going over building your
e-mail list and also relationships via follow up.

Building Relationships

You now know how important building an e-mail list is
already, but even more important is to keep the e-mail
list responsive and we do that with follow up, which
makes it one of the most important parts to growing
your online business.

But you probably still have questions in your head
that sounds similar to something like this...

"Why do people need to see my offer so many times
before they make a purchase?"

The answer is because they don't trust you yet!

Shocker right?

Not really. It's normal for people not to trust a
website or a person that owns it right away.

After all, the online world has a certain level
anonymity about it that makes people apprehensive.

That's why you need to build an e-mail list with the
focus of not making a sale today but actually making a
sale in the follow up! So you can build trust with
these people to get them to make a purchase, in the
future and become a long-term customer that will buy
again and again over the next few years.!

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Every time that you get in contact with them you
create more trust and build a stronger relationship,
and over time you'll have a customer for life.

Once they trust you they will drop the wall of
apprehensiveness and make a purchase from you (or any
other action you want them to take for that matter).

A great way that you can build these types of
relationships once you've actually gotten someone on
your e-mail list by giving away one of the freebies we
spoke about yesterday, another would be to disclose tools
or utilities that you use in your business.

Sharing free information like this might help your
customers in some way with a problem that they're
having on their website or in their business, and when
you help witj someone else's problem and they know that
you did so without trying to sell them something
you're going to not only gain a customer you're going
to gain a friend as well.

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Listbuilding Lesson 2

Why build an e-mail list?

It's critical when you market anything online to build
an e-mail list because usually most of your customers
are not going to purchase from you on the first
contact they have from you.

You've probably heard that most marketers expect to only
get a 1 to 2% closing conversion rate on new traffic
to their websites, the problem is what happens to the
other 98% of the people that come to your website on any
given day?

Likely they are planning on purchasing a product
similar to yours otherwise they would not have
searched for a website like yours in the first place,
that's why it is critical that you collect an email
address so that you can sell to them in the future, if
they do not buy on the first visit to your site.

"Most customers require 7-12 exposures to your
products and services before making a purchase"

That means that it may take many potential customers a
dozen times of seeing your message before they buy!

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After hearing that fact, it now makes sense why it is
critically important to collect email addresses from
as many people as you can that are interested in the
types of product that you sell.

Try to think about this as if you were trying to ask
somebody on a date that you met today at the mall.

Do you think it's very likely if you met that person
today at the mall and asked them on a date that your date
would start right then and there before you got to
know that person at all?

Of course not, you would meet them possibly flirt with
them a little bit and then try to get that person's
phone number so you could call them to follow up with
them for a date at a later time once you've gotten to
know them a little bit better on the phone.

E-mail list building works much the same way, sure
there are a small percentage of people that will buy your
product the first time they come to your website,
remember we already talked about the typical 1 to 2%
conversion rate that most Internet marketers enjoy.

What we're concerned about is not that 1 to 2%, what
were concerned about today is how you can capture a
large portion of the 98% that didn't buy today!

There is way more money to be made off of that 98%
in the future than there is that 1 or 2% today, thats
just simple math.

So what were going to do is just like in the mall,
we're not going to ask for a date to start immediately
were going to flirt with our customer, so we can try
to earn that date in the future ie- the sale.

The best way to flirt with these new customers is to
offer them something of value for free. Think of it is
courting or flirting with your customers.

Your free offering could be anything as simple as a
white paper based on your niche, or some videos that
have something to do with making your prospects life
easier, or even a free sample or trial version of the
software that possibly you sell.

You may even want to consider giving them one of your
paid products for free at this first contact to flirt
with and court them into coming back and becoming a
customer at a later date.

Giving something of value to your prospects how land on
your webpage is one of the best ways to collect their
e-mail address and get them to trust you into knowing
that you're not going to be constantly trying to sell
them something, but that you're actually there to help

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After all, if you let them get away after one look at
your sales message, you are going to lose them for
good, so why not give them something for free today
and hope that we can earn their business tomorrow or
next week on another product or service.

Giving something to your customer for free of value
now gives you the right to follow up with them so
that you can get them back to your sales message and
possibly get them to make a purchase at a later date.

This means you can get more cash with the same
customers and without additional advertising expenses,
because now you're targeting the people that leave
your website those 98% and focusing on trying to
market to that larger group of people than the normal
1 to 2% that would've normally bought anyway!

There is way more money to be made from that 98%
so those are the people I'm going to have to focus on
trying to impress.

When you focus on trying to impress that 98%, you're
still going to make the sales to the other 1 to 2%
that you would've regularly, but the new social make
off of that 98% are going to blow your numbers through
the roof, over the next few weeks.

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and in your list building efforts come for website now.

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Listbuilding Lesson 1

Welcome to the first part of the Building Big Email Lists eCourse!

Today we are going to be going over a short introduction on the importance of building a big e-mail list and once you have built that list how to follow up with your customers.


Your business can practically be defined by the size and quality of your subscriber list when you market anything on the Internet.

Regardless of what you sell on the Internet having a good subscriber list that you can sell to over and over again is critical in your success.

While it is nice to have a large list, the size of your list actually is not the most important part of list building.

The quality of your subscribers is one of the most important parts of running an Internet marketing company regardless of what you're selling online.

The best way to make sure that you maintain a good response and e-mail list is to follow-up with your customers on a regular basis, and become a friend and
confidant that they can count on.

In this message we need to cover exactly what Following Up means because a lot of people get it mixed up.

Following up with someone entails getting in contact  with them after they take an action on your website.

This can be as simple as signing up for your free ewsletter via an opt in form, or signing up for free samples of your products such as videos or a white paper.

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One of the best ways to build a list fast, is by giving away a lot of free great content that will entice your prospects to want to become your subscribers.

Your subscribers could also be a customer that makes a purchase of one of your product or service offerings.

Another reason to follow up would be someone signing up for your affiliate program to promote your products.

One of the most important parts of keeping your list active and responsive is following up with them on a regular basis, because it will not matter how big your e-mail list is if you do not follow up with them and keep them responsive.

Following up is getting in contact with people again after they take an action to remind them of that action.

So if someone signed up for your newsletter and hasn't taken any other actions such as a purchase, a follow up may be in order.

If an affiliate signed up for your affiliate program and hasn't promoted, again, a follow up is probably a good idea.

As you can see, follow up can be used in nearly every faucet of your online business, and is one of the most important parts of list building.
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