Why I use LeadsLeap

Isn't it just another Traffic Exchange or more?

I was a LeadsLeap user earlier for a year but started, seriously, using Leads Leap again five months ago (since this writing) and I am now an upgraded Pro after being convinced by many well known member's testimonials. 

But as I read and explored Leads Leap, I was impelled to upgrade to Pro, when i knew Leads Leap is a complete very affordable all-in-one marketing system capable of providing high quality Traffic as well. And that's what I really needed for online earning.

Leads Leap keeps constantly adding more tools that makes the platform up to date and user friendly.

Recently they added traffic co-op link which has increased Pro member Ad traffic 2.5 times (Pro members are getting up to 4000 views now).   >> Traffic co-op Link EXAMPLE <<

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Some of the inevitable facilities for online Marketing which Leads Leap provides:

Landing Page Builder
One of the best gifts that Leads Leap has provided. A very high quality and easy landing page builder. Easy to use drag and drop style allowing text and images as you desire. Create stunning lead capture pages in seconds... Fully customizable for any business.

Email List management system
The list management system is easy to use. A free member can broadcast their email to a list of choice, A Pro member can create and send auto follow-up messages. Not only you can send automated scheduled mails to list members but with a share code whole of this system can be replicated by your follower to his list.


This is a Pro member feature. They use easy to setup SendSteed List Manager.

Marketing Funnels
Broadcasting to your leads is easy. Set the time when the broadcast will be sent out. Say goodbye to all other list building services. Easy to setup and a professional quality design.

Link Tracker
A very high quality tracker, 'first-of-its-kind' link tracker can tell you if you're getting real visitors and time they spend surfing on your link. You can also monetize it by automatically showing our ads in your tracked link and when clicked you'll earn credits and PPC income. 

Form/Pop up tool
We can create and design our own pop-up forms for opt-in. Attractive, animated and timely widgets which catch attention of visitors to fill in information.

Easy but useful addition to our marketing arsenal.

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Ad Bar
Ad Bar, a thin horizontal bar that appears at the top of Ad page, with a link to another offer. So, An ad bar can be used to cross-promote your other offers. Instead of changing all your links, which may involve changing your ads too, you can simply create an Ad Bar and have it shown in all your Tracked Links.

PDF and Images Hosting
This is a convenient place to host your images and lead magnets, this feature is for upgraded Pro members. You can use these images/pdfs in your page designs, broadcasts and autoresponder emails.

Social Reviews
A self hosted blog page which can be ranked on google for its views. Another excellent way of bringing targeted quality traffic to our offers. Google has ranked many of the reviews featured on Leads Leap on the first page. Reviews are rotated across the search engine results.

This also serves as a blog page for our offers.

Pays For Itself

Immediately after upgrading, Set your Pro Ads and Credit Ads instantly and within days start seeing leads on your offers. The platform pays for itself if we have 2 upgraded downlines

Spill-over Referrals
Another best features is the spill-over followers - a hidden gift and surprisingly profitable. Because you automatically get free followers, you may get a upgraded downline follower as well. 

Free Money and Encash
An additional feature you can utilize is a blog with our ad widget added to it. It works like a PPC program. When people click and view the ad, You make money.Active members who click credit ads on Leads leap site create daily credits. With just 10 credits you make money and with just 50 credits you can either advertise or encash your credits and make money.

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Search Engine Traffic

Leads Leap operates a search engine optimized Social Review Directory. A proven way to get quality leads is by writing product reviews and getting traffic from search engines. It is a great resource when looking for different reviews from real people. The personal touch of a member carries more authority than classic advertising.
Internal targeted Traffic
This is where Leads Leap leads. With over 120,000 members, your ads will be frequently shown to all throughout their expansive network (even in emails sent from Leads Leap itself). This is an ever expanding targeted global audience. Imagine this! Your ads and reviews not only appear on the website itself, but, also on many other websites because they are shared and rotated within the PPC widgets and spread across the network and the entire World Wide Web. There is a high chance your ad will appear and get clicked on, somewhere. 
Leads Leap is therefore a excellent platform for everyone's marketing needs. If you have experience with other list builders and autoresponder systems, leads leap will be like a breath of fresh air in its simplicity and ease, especially for those who are tired of spending way too much for too little. 
I am very impressed with Leads Leap as they are committed to providing their members excellent support and innovative products. Support tickets are promptly replied to, investigated and even available to their members via blog posts.
How to contact downlines?
Leads leap is a 10-level network only for the leads building purpose. 
It has simple one-line one-way downline message system which is more effective and more sustainable than member-to-member email or even a private posting message. And it only takes 5 minutes to do a daily update.

Final Verdict
I like the platform very much. As a traffic source of qualified leads when I promote it with a multi-site shared marketing system. And as a money maker, where I invest my time and energy to promote upgrades and incorporate the generated leads into a rotating marketing system and traffic exchanges (TEs) to promote all the sites before a lot of fresh eyes. 

You will, too, start liking when you connect with this all-in-one Marketing System in a very affordable budget

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