6 BEST Ways To Get Website Traffic For FREE & Grow Your Website!


So you ‘ Ve got a website online, but you don’t know how to get traffic to it. I understand that when you start a website It’s extremely hard, especially when it’s new to get eyeballs on it.. No one views it.

You get absolutely nobody visiting your site. Well in today’s. Video I’m gonna show you seven ways.. You can get free traffic to your brand-new website So guys. If you’re trying to make money online or you’re just generally trying to work online, You’re, probably going to have a website, and you need to get traffic to that website to make money and earn a Living on Line now, I was in that position as well.

When I started online., I had all these websites, I didn’t know what to do or how to get free traffic to those website.. I found it extremely hard to figure that out. So if you have an affiliate marketing blog, You have to say general website, or you have some sort of website and you’re, not getting traffic to it right now.

Well, you want to know how to start getting traffic to your website up as brand new, then make sure you stay to the end of This video, because I’m going to show you seven ways to actually get this done.

There do work. These methods do work. I’ve done them. I still do them today on my brand new websites to get traffic to my site. You guys we’re gonna mess around on this one. Today We’re gonna jump in straightaway and drop a like if you want to know how to get free traffic to your website.

So number one guys – and this is a really good thing to jump on right now – is Pinterest now Pinterest is a search engine, but one thing about Pinterest right now: is they just released video, so their video Algorithm is hot.

If you can go and put videos on Interest right now, you’re going to get traffic and you’re going to get a lot of traffic. In fact, I know lots of blogs where Pinterest Counts for most of their traffic, because Pinterest is simply on fire and there’s, not enough people using it.

Pinterest is one of the biggest search engines on line, but what you want to do is create informative blog posts and go to Pinterest and create pins that match your blog post and start pinning content on Pinterest over time.

You’re, going to build up more followers on Pinterest, and then you will start getting your pins to go. Viral Pinterest is one of the main traffic sources that I used For my blogs when I first started online, and I recommend trying this out right now, while the algorithm is hot, with the new video Algorithmic to your website, guys is to go into blog comments.

You know these are completely free and these are very effective. I also do this. What you want to do is go to Google and put in something related to your niche. So, for example, if your blog is about internet marketing or making sales funnels, for example, Go into Google and put in top landing pages or sales funnels creators and then go on to the blog’s.

That have a comment section and Comment and if you can try and link back to your website, Doesn’t, take very long for you to do and it’s completely free that will not cost you anything. And if you wanted to, you could Actually pay someone to do this for you.

. I know that doesn’t follow the free category, but sometimes time versus money. It is better to pay someone a little bit of money to do it. For you, However, this is an extremely easy way to go and get free traffic to your website, And this isn’t going to work in all niches, because a lot of websites do turn off their coming section.

But most websites do have a comment. Section, if you go on there and be active, You will get a nice trickle of traffic coming to your website and it will build up over time. It’ll, be very slow at the start, But if you keep doing it like, maybe go and do 10 to 20 blog comments per day every single day and you’ll.

Slowly see a good momentum of traffic coming to your website. Now number three guys’one of my favorites because it’s completely passive traffic, and this is to learn search engine optimization, But don’t do what everybody does.

For example, You want to go for Low-hanging, fruit keywords. What I find, especially in affiliate marketing, is this say: someone has a blog on making money online But go and try and rank for how to make money online.

It’s. Gon na be impossible for a brand new website to rank for that keyword.. Even big websites find a hard drink that keyword, So what you would want to do is go for a low-hanging fruit like how to make money online with Instagram for free It’s, a longtail keyword and we’ll have less competition And it’ll, be a lot easier for you to go and rank in that particular keyword.

So when someone searches how to make money online with Instagram for free your website, We have a really good chance of showing up, because that is classed as a low hanging. Fruit keyword. It has not much.

Competition has good search traffic and as a long tail keyword, And if you go learn how to i’m search engine optimization, You’ll, learn how to get your website up into those low-hanging fruit keywords Now number four is something you Do want to get onto if you haven’t done so already, and that is YouTube Once again.

This is a search engine Website right. We’re on YouTube right. Now., You’ve, probably searched how to get website traffic. This is the second biggest search engine on line now, don’t, be afraid You don’t have to actually put your face on YouTube.

, You can go and use a program called Camtasia or you could even create your own. Explain the videos All you need to do is go on put our valuable content on YouTube play link in the description You don’t have to show your face, and people will click that link and go to your website And once again it’s, a snowball effect that will build up over time, the more you do it, but you want to jump on YouTube now, because it is getting Harder to kind of break through that wall and get traffic.

I reckon there’s. A few years left to go out there and start to grow a small channel. I mean I’m, not saying that YouTube’s in a day, but it just does get harder over time. But YouTube is a great way guys to go and get free traffic plus you also get backlinks to your website, and that will also Push it up in the rankings to rank your website for those low hanging fruit keywords Now number five is really easy to do.

As well, It’s kind of like blog comments, which one I go to a website called curate calm. This is a question website where people are asking questions every single day based on specific topics. So you want to go into the search bar and put your topic in the search bar and find people that are asking Questions once you find some people that are asking questions answer that question with a good, valuable reply and they link back to your website.

Don’t, say: hey check out my website and spam. It just say hey. I found this information at blah, blah blah, calm and then link to your website will say something like. If you want to find out More information about this, you can check out this website One of the biggest mistakes people do and they come back and say: hey Franklin, your methods, don’t work Because they go and spam their links everywhere.

. This does not work, guys, trust me. People will read. Probably even do it on this particular video, because they just Don’t, let it sink into their head that if you spam you’re, never going to create a long-term online Business.

Sokurah comm is also one of my favorite places to go and get free traffic as come pletely free guys. You can do this for like an hour every single day after work., Even 30 minutes really do it in your own timeframe.

This is a great way to go and get free Traffic and Kure is very active, guys and good thing about this website as well. Is it shows up in Google? So, for example, If you find a topic on the best health programs and you’ve got an answer to that question And if someone goes in, Google and searches top 10 best health programs, sometimes cure, can show up or cure.

I don’t know how to pronounce it shows up in the top 10 of the Google search traffic. So you’re, not only getting traffic from kuro com. You’re, also getting traffic from people searching in Google and finding the cure com answer a Question and then finding your answer So that’s, a great way to go out and get free traffic.

Guys number 6 is really good, but it doesn’t require quite a bit of work to actually stick and make this work for you, and that is to go on to Related forum, know, forums and message boards online. That’s kind Of old work, but it works extremely Well.

What you want to do is sign up an account and become active and create value. You must create value for this to work.. This is how I started one of my websites to thousands of views per day, So you want to go on to one of the forums in your niche.

Just do one or two don’t kind of to overdo yourself, Go on to those forums and start an account And then once you’re on the forum, I’ve just go and create value based on your topic And then inside that value have links to your website Or even maybe spend a couple of weeks on that website.

First, Creating value and then start to drop your links on those forums All right now, once again with forums The best thing about forums. Is your content stays there forever kind of like the rest of the methods we’ve talked about and there’s, constantly people going through forums and checking things out and once again forum posts will show up in Google.

So let’s say you do a value post on how to get fit in the new link to one of your blog post about how to get fit or something. If Someone goes onto, Google and search is how to get fit. That forum might show up in the search traffic that post and then someone might go and read it and then come to your website through Google from that post.

So that’s, another great way to get free traffic and it works very well. But you need to do it properly, you need to add value or don’t bother doing it because it just won’t work. You can’t spam. Doing this type of stuff.

Now number seven guys.. It was kind of a bonus now. This is not really going out there and posting anywhere, but it’s, concentrating on your click-through rate. So if you go out and do all of these other six methods, Pinterest blog comments – SEO YouTube QR forums.

These actually create what we call Backlinks to your website as well. Some of these methods and what backlinks do is they create Authority to your website and you’ll start to get up in the ranks in Google.

Now Click-through rate is very important in Google. You want to make sure that people click your site Instead of somebody else’s, because if they click somebody else’s, then Google’s, going to see that as a signal and put you lower down the ranks.

So go into your blog post or your website, or whatever you’re, trying to get traffic to and make sure you edit the SEO meta title and Description. So it’s. Clickable. It’s, not clickbait, but it’s a little bit of clickbait in it.

But you get a higher click-through rate and this will kind of tie everything in together and get you more clicks to your website and once again, it’s Completely free to do that quick and easy Tweak. Now, If you want to learn how to actually go and get more traffic to your blog via more free methods, Paid traffic and why it’s sort of good stuff, I will leave some videos up on the screen and they Playlist it’ll take you through step by step on how to get traffic to your websites and also Make money online with your websites.

Don’t forget to subscribe tap that notification about drop a like on this video, and I’ll, see you in one of the other videos.

Source : Youtube
Source : Youtube